Keith Davidson
Artist, observer and inky person, living and working in West London.

A background in IT … computers and cameras are tools for me. Not frightened about that ///

The artworks shown here are all by Keith Davidson. Production is done in the guts of a computer in Hammersmith, a professional photo-printer in Hackney, a fantastic graphics studio in Wakefield, and a studio in Putney where the ink flies. All of that is huge fun. One day, one day, I might just stop enjoying creating all this crazy stuff, but not this week, not a chance.

About twice a year there is a show in west London, as part of various open-house weekends – where artists open their homes to the public and all their artworks are on display. You can see w6art’s offerings at one of those, and at irregular shows in other places round and about. Details below.

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The result of looking #An observer in West London