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Hang on to your hats


It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Major upgrade!
Expect the unexpected on these pages for a day or two !!

This is the kind of thing that an artist who lives in the 21st century has to get up to – it’s all on the web now.

And it takes a while to iron a web site flat. Bumps there will be. Roads will lead off cliffs and up blind alleys.
Please pardon our potholed state.

The road will get mended. It will all work. You’ll see.

Quartier Paris

w6art - Paris street signs
w6art – Paris street signs

Paris observed, quartered, snapped and composed.
54 streets of the glorious old lady in one photo.

To the printers next week – 14 x 20 inch. Looking forward to this one.


A bit of joy

Last night at the studio … everything went right. Up to my elbows in ink as usual, and home on the Tube with giants under my arm. Two editions completed. Nice feeling.
More details on the Shop page.

The big boy … 570 mm square … about the size of an old-fashioned broadsheet newspaper.

The Great Tree
The Great Tree

And a smaller shiny print … ///

St Pauls Cathedral and Millennium Bridge, London
St Paul’s Cathedral and Millennium Bridge, London