Circular panoramas

A selection of our signature circular panoramas

All these photos are available in limited editions, generally speaking 25 copies max. When the edition runs out, no more …


UK Regions


How is it done?
Anything up to  90 photographs are taken from a fixed spot – 360 degrees to pick up all the detail, covering the sky, and including the ground under the photographer’s feet. A semi-automated process then starts, which can take a week or so … all the joins are made to disappear, and the result is a composite with a unique perspective. This is not a ‘fish-eye’ view – note the absence of the camera in shot.

Our professional printers in Hackney print these photographs for us – on Fuji Matt paper. Printed at 16 inches / 405 mm square, they won’t dominate a room, but that’s big enough to show a wealth of detail. We hope you like the idea, and the images ///

Available unframed, with free UK delivery.  Ask about that on the Contact page

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The result of looking #An observer in West London